: a Peaceful Patriot Day to all...................

Smokin' SRX
09-11-10, 06:28 PM
Hope you take time for a moment of prayer with your family/friends today. The Jihadists are pissed at the USA because where they come from, a camel with 2 saddle humps is as close to an SRX as they'll ever build!

I lost 3, 000 neighbors that day. Hope none were from your family. RIP


Hope you fly your flag! Never forget

09-19-10, 12:00 AM
SS, Sorry for being late to respond to your heartfelt post. Actually I just read it for the first time. My flag was out with pride on the 11th.
The attack on Sept 11th was the most cowardly act against this country since Pearl Harbor. As a combat vet, one can not forget the images
of war....I will never forget the images of 9/11. A war where the rodents scurried to the holes in which they belong. God bless AMERICA!

Smokin' SRX
09-19-10, 09:27 AM
Thx markeetaux for the support. Yes, Sept 11th has been declared PATRIOT DAY! A new US Holiday. Didn't we all see it on the wonderful MEDIA??

And thx for serving our Country! My Best Man, from my wedding, is currently serving (Lt. Col,Intell) in Afghanistan. I fly my flag proudly every day for him and all the others who make this Country free! An extra flag is out on lawn for Fed Holidays. I thank God each day that I live in a land where I can work hard, and with a little luck, afford the blessings of Liberty and drive a vehicle like an SRX! How spoiled are we?

I never forget, each time I see Old Glory wave, that she is held aloft by the dying breath of every American soldier who ever served. Least I could do is put a Flag out! Will never understand why others don't think it matters. Our children are learning, our enemies are watching......

Thank you for serving and Welcome Home soldier! If we ever forget what a high price was paid by "the Brave" to make us "the Land of the Free", we deserve to lose it all......

"....... we mutually pledge to each other, our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor...." . This is the closing paragraph of our Declaration of Independence. Why can't we at least manage to fly a Flag on our home or car?

Some forget. Others don't care. :nono: We all gain nor lose together.