: '76 Deville tow vehilcle?

Faded Crest
09-10-10, 12:53 AM
Thinking about buying a '76 Deville to enjoy and tow my 1600 lb. camper with. How do you guys think it would do? I'm sure the 500 is plenty strong, what about the transmission and rear end? Seems like it would be fine, but I thought I would get some opinions. Any precautions that should be taken?

09-10-10, 01:08 AM
The THM 400 trans and the rear axle should be plenty strong if they are in good condition.

I would make sure the cooling for both the engine and trans were working well but the car should be able to pull that without even feeling it.

09-10-10, 01:14 AM
^Beat me to it. I don't think it should be an issue, just keep up on fluid changes (maybe a little more frequently when towing) and you should be fine.

09-10-10, 01:43 AM
These cars can deal with up to about 1600 pounds of cargo with no modifications. Properly equiped, they can tow an additional 5000 lbs. As mentioned, more frequent fluid changes are in order if you're going to be towing.

09-10-10, 01:54 AM
and good brakes

09-10-10, 02:11 AM
Those, too.

09-10-10, 09:01 AM
Should have mentioned the brakes.

If you can't get your car to start you have a problem

If you can't get your car to stop you have a BIG problem

09-10-10, 09:19 AM
It will tow 1600 like there is nothing back there. I would make sure that the air shocks are working (or add in-spring Air Lift bags), and perhaps add a trans cooler if you are driving hills.

09-10-10, 11:06 AM
Replace anything that's questionable under the hood and in the suspension/brakes. Then make sure your Exxon/Mobil card is paid up and has a high credit limit. I think taking a 76 Cad on a trip sounds like a ton of fun! Have fun!!! :)

09-10-10, 04:14 PM
^+1 on that.

I'd also be double sure your load level rear suspension is working right. If its questionable, replacement springs from a 71-76 Olds, Buick, or Chevy should swap in, along with some new conventional shocks, if you don't want to fix the load leveling suspension. I'd buy new springs, no telling how much sag old junkyard springs would have in them.

Also be aware that some 98's and Electra 225's had the same load leveling suspension, make sure the springs you order are for the base suspension.

Really about the only thing I can fault your Cadillac on is the tiny mirrors. Just something to think about, maybe you can fab up some sort of tow mirrors that wouldn't require you drilling holes in the body to mount them.

09-10-10, 05:49 PM
People used to haul race cars and horse trailers all the time with Cadillacs or station wagons. They are more roomy and comfortable than a pick up truck (in the old days anyway).

09-10-10, 05:59 PM
A well maintained old Cad with a BIG real Cadillac engine is probably more capable of towing than alot of new trucks these days. :)

09-10-10, 07:16 PM
Google "Cadillac towing"...


Neil Clarke
09-11-10, 04:34 AM
And when you find someone who makes a tow hitch for one
Let me know
I searched and couldn't find one when I bought my car

09-13-10, 05:52 PM
U Haul sells hitches for any vehicle. I got a quote for my 70 Impala and it was pretty reasonable; like $160. They would have had to have it made but i could have had it in a week or so.