: Lowering springs

09-09-10, 07:28 PM
Can anyone recommend some springs for my 2010 V. I know D3 makes some, are there any other options or are these the only way to go. Any feedback on the handling after the D3 springs were installed, are there any downsides to buying the D3 springs. I dont have any squeaks or rattles due to my car being lowered but looking at the car from the side the back def needs to be lowered.

09-09-10, 07:58 PM
I am only aware of D3 springs. Here is a thread with 185 posts to read though.

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Here you go.


09-09-10, 08:04 PM
I was going to say the same thing. There's only the D3 option at this time. For a low-volume car like this, it'll be a while before we see another option.

09-10-10, 01:17 AM
No, there IS another option in using the stockers, but I'll need a few weeks to get it done.......

09-11-10, 03:10 AM
D3 also offers a coilover kit and KPE has a "lowering system."

09-11-10, 10:53 AM
D3 also offers a coilover kit and KPE has a "lowering system."

has anyone installed a coilover kit on their V?

I had PFADT 16 way adjustable coilovers on my 3,100 pound 08 Z06 and absolutley loved them. Don't know how a 4200 pound car would ride...Thinking not very good.

09-11-10, 04:47 PM
I'm thinking of lowering my V-Coupe, but I'm not sure... Anybody know how much the D3 lowering kit cost? I'm also assuming it's the same kit for the Sedan.