: Lloyds Mat colors.

09-09-10, 04:45 PM
I had contacted several Lloyd Mats Dealers for assistance,
but none want to commit themselves. I wish to replace
those idiotic "factory" mats with something more substancial,
and have elected their Ultimat series. Voux Coux colors!
But which color will match my interior. I chose the Shale/
Brownstone interior. Anyone have any success in this matter?
Your recommendations would be appreciated.

09-09-10, 05:52 PM
Contact Lloyd at AutoPrideConcepts.com (http://autoprideconcepts.com) and he'll fix you right up. I ordered from him and the factory messed up the order twice. He made it right for no extra charges. The color you want is #628. It's the closest match to the Shale you'll find. Believe me. I had two sets of samples sent to me with lots of the colors.

09-09-10, 09:17 PM
Steve .. I visited your suggested dealer, and there was no
#628 listed. Did you give me the correct number?

09-10-10, 09:11 AM
Sorry. I told you wrong. The color is 760. You can see it here: http://hhrboutique.com/lloyd-ultimat-color-samples.asp. I contacted Lloyd and asked for samples of various color numbers from this web site. They come as small swatches directly from the factory. To my eyes, 760 looked the closest. Be careful ordering based on the colors on a web site. If your monitor's gamma is not set absolutely correctly, you can get varying results and end up being stuck with mats that are less appropriate than what you could have gotten.

I would call Lloyd at AutoPrideConcepts.com directly and talk to him about it. Not every color that's available seems to show up on various web sites. I want to point out that Lloyd Kushner of AutoPrideConcepts.com is NOT the Lloyd of Lloyd's Mats. AutoPrideConcepts.com is a dealer for Lloyd's Mats.

09-13-10, 03:50 PM
I am getting mixed reviews from both members, and the
registered dealers that sell Lloyd mats. It all boils down
to personal choice, I guess. No definitive recommendations!
I ordered several color swatches that seem to be in the "ball park",
as listed on the Lloyd's Dealer website. My determination
was #670, Neutral, which I just ordered. Film at 11:00!

09-22-10, 03:57 PM
Just received my ebony color ultramats with the Cadillac crest logo in silver. WOW, Great quality and fit. Really enhances the interior.
Got mine from Autoanything, smooth and quick service.