: Temp light flickering driving me crazy

09-09-10, 08:50 AM
Ok so I did the throttle body bypass, drained the radiator and flushed the system on the 95 based on a way it said to do it in the SS manual. I took the top hose of the radiator and poured water in the tank until the water ran out clear. According to the SS manual I should still have about two gallons of water in the system. So I added about a gallon and a half of pure green antifreeze to the system, this is what it was running to start with, and bled the system a few times for the next several days. Everything went fine for about three weeks then I checked the coolant level in the tank. I couldn't really see through the tank to see where the cold fill level was so I filled it with antifreeze judging by looking through the fill hole. The very next day my temp light began to flicker it was raining lightly but I don't think I drove through any standing water. I drove it around the next day while monitoring the temp. As soon as I start the car up the temp light starts flickering. I drove the car on the highway and in town and I don't think it ever broke 180 degrees. My first thought was that it had to much coolant to water ratio not allowing it to heat up properly (I know this is probably not correct). Anyway so last night I flushed it again the same way and added a gallon of pure anti freeze and about 3/4 gallon of 50/50. I also flushed the heater core. I let the car run for a long time turning the heat on and off and monitoring the temp and bleeding the system. The hottest it ever got was 190 and the temp light never came on. The whole time bleeding it always looked like pure water coming out of the thermostat. Anyway I parked the car on a incline and this morning I bled the stat again before getting in and coming to work. Again what looked like pure water came out. So off to work and not 30 seconds down the road the temp light starts flickering and the engine temp is 137 degrees. 15 minutes cruising down the highway and it still hadn't broken 180. It seemed to sit at 179 forever. We'll it finally broke 180 and sat at 181 the rest of the time on the highway. When I got of the exit ramp it dropped back down to 179 and fluctuated between that and 182 the next mile or so to work. Do I have a bad temp sensor? Where is the temp sensor? Could I have gotten it wet bleeding the system?

09-29-10, 11:59 AM
I fixed it by replacing the temp sensor in the head.