: this guy's got talent

09-07-10, 08:20 PM
But he doesn't look like Britney Spears so he'll never sell scat. :ill:

All this is done with one guy, his voice, and layering sounds over one another. It's a shame that real talent doesn't sell anymore. I just wanted to share the video. Enjoy. :D


the recluse
09-07-10, 08:36 PM
It's a shame that real talent doesn't sell anymore.

I've been saying that for a looooonnnngg time. I HATE corporate radio stations and the crap they try to shove down your throats....

09-07-10, 08:51 PM
Nice find /post :thumbsup:

09-08-10, 12:22 AM
He'll be an internet celebrity, at the least. He has popped up in the occasional odd and sometimes, VERY ODD commercial, though.

Damn modern industry. Ozzy never needed Autotune.

09-08-10, 10:01 AM
There are a few very unique voices in music, Ozzy being one of them. I would say when he's singing he's probably recognized by anyone anywhere. I would say the same of Willie Nelson too. :)