View Full Version : Planning a trip to Lansing, MI and want to see my V's birthplace.

09-07-10, 04:07 AM
If my information is correct, my 2009 CTS-V was assembled in Lansing, MI. I will be passing through here on a very long road trip from Portland, OR and assuming it's possible, I'd love to see where my car was born.

Has anyone else done this? Was does it entail and how do you go about it? Any advice or experiences would be great!



09-07-10, 09:54 AM
Based on reports of forum member "garfin"'s familiarity and personal working knowledge of the V plant in Lansing makes me think he might be the best "go to" person to advise you on such a plant visit.

Hopefully he will chime in and share his knowledge and experience with the Lansing plant.