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09-06-10, 04:02 PM
OK, not literally but, I thought you guys might enjoy this. I live near the Eastlake first energy power plant. You know the one that caused the huge power outage in 2003. It sits right on Lake Erie. Well I have always gone there since I was young and when it was windy outside to watch the waves crash over the break wall. So I finally took a video of it while sitting in the Cadillac. Hope you guys like it!


09-07-10, 10:33 PM

09-07-10, 10:52 PM
my mom grew up in northeast PA - we visited once or twice a year - i haven't been in a few years though - gramps has a ranch house in ripley NY and he's got like 80ft cliffs down to the lake... really cool during weather like in your video!

09-07-10, 10:54 PM
oh and here's some more waves from hurricane earl - shot a couple miles from my house
totally non-cadillac related but if you like surfing there's some cool rides here


09-08-10, 02:21 PM
I miss the ocean. I guess I could pretend that was Ohio's ocean. Still wouldn't go anywhere near that toxic sludge we call water (I don't care if they did clean it up; the water used to be flammable!).

09-10-10, 01:48 AM
I miss real beaches. The kind you see in the northeast. These Florida beaches are so lame.

09-10-10, 10:12 AM
the water in the northeast is cold though, we've got 83 ocean temp (http://www.sncsurf.com/water-temp/get-temp.php) still and it's september!

i can only imagine what the ocean temp is like in florida