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09-06-10, 03:47 PM
Does anyone know if Cadillac has published a 1/4 mile time for the STS V8? I would like to know what the car should run from the factory. Also the new v6DI. I suppose that the v8 would be faster but would a cts with the v6di be faster than an sts with the v8?

09-06-10, 05:32 PM
STS V8 will run low 14s stock high HIGH 13s with some tweaks, V6 DI High 14s AWD will clock in about .3-.5 sec slower for each engine.
The 3.0 D.I. or 3.6 DI CTS wont touch a N* RWD or AWD.

09-06-10, 06:05 PM
Cool 2005 Cadillac STS V8 Drag Times

I Googled the above and got these results,Mostly drag times in this forum are for the STS-V, or the CTS-V,so here they are for NON-Supercharged V8. 2005 STS 4.6 liter V8, Northstar,320 HP, Non-Supercharged.

0-60 in 6 seconds

1/4 mile 14.6 sec. @ 97 miles/hr

These times are NOT spectacular, but will probably beat any other
car at your stoplight.The 5 speed is SO fast, that I don't think you
can hand shift it as fast as "IT" can.
Even the STS-V is Not that fast, compared to the CTS-V,
I suspect, because they use a 4.4 liter in the STS-V.
and a 6.2 liter in the CTS-V....
I suspect they chose the CTS-V to be the fastest, it "IS" a slightly
smaller car,with less stuff !

09-07-10, 02:42 PM
Thanks for the info. What about the DIv6 for the new cts?

09-08-10, 12:45 PM
The big secret with the STS is to not brake-check it. With pressure applied to the brake and gas pedals simultaneously the torque management system pulls timing and throttle plate angle to reduce torque. Hold the brakes only at the starting line. At the light release the brakes and nail it for a reported 13.67 sec 1/4 mile for a V-8 STS.

09-08-10, 07:51 PM
can you verify that is the best way to launch, dkoz?

09-09-10, 11:19 PM
Threre's an old thread on this. I think it's that simple.


11-05-11, 07:19 AM
13.7 at Cecil Ga for my 2006 Cadillac STS

11-07-11, 10:45 AM
I believe you'll also find slight differences in ET depending on the axle ratio the car is equipped with. There are Performance ratios, 3.23 and 3.42 IIRC.


Charles Warren
05-15-13, 11:59 AM
I'm laughing at gtp guys on facebook talking bout a rwd *n is a fat pig that can barely run mid 14s funny thing my gtp would get raped by my sts on topend and my sts is stock and gtp heavily modded. i think with madtuner tune and revshift mounts and good tires i could run 13 flat or low 13s (think is keyword), i know i know a v time is that but thats not my problem the idiots at mt posted those times lol

05-15-13, 04:32 PM
I plan on doing the Madtuner stuff, and will post what I find. 3.23 diff.

I'll try to lose 20 lbs. before then, too...

05-15-13, 04:49 PM
An awd STS will never break the 13s without forced induction cam work or nitrous.

Charles Warren
05-16-13, 03:22 PM
im glad i dont have awd but wouldnt mind having a srx with lh2