: great video *I LOLd*

09-05-10, 02:49 PM
I'm sure if you speak Italian there's NSFW language in it. But this video is great for so many reasons. Good for a laugh at least. Enjoy.


09-05-10, 03:40 PM
Glad I don't speak Italian http://www.ciws.net/smiles/biggrin.gif

09-05-10, 03:48 PM
Glad I don't speak Italian http://www.ciws.net/smiles/biggrin.gif

..........several times she shouts " E' basta !!!" (That's enough !!!) and there is one plea which refers to his canine ancestry. There's one that's sort of muted or fuzzy but it comes out as "Molto velocita' .........." ("too fast"), and this is a liberal stretch, but also something close to "You're gonna kill us both !!!".

Regardless..............she's an extremely attractive woman - wanna bet she drives an econobox like a Maserati or Ferrari ???

09-05-10, 05:05 PM
A very fair translation, Sub! I can only say about the lovelly lady! Bellisima!

09-05-10, 09:25 PM
I think I caught another word followed by a hand gesture.

Well said Orconn. :thumbsup:

the recluse
09-05-10, 10:42 PM
Three words come to mind; top hat nipples.:lildevil::thumbsup:

09-06-10, 11:38 AM
vomito! nice :>


09-06-10, 11:45 AM
Lucky seatbelt :D