View Full Version : What size wrench do I need for removal of the stock lugs?

09-05-10, 02:29 PM
As some of you are aware, I recently purchased an aftermarket spare tire/wheel kit. The lug wrench that comes with the kit fits our stock wheels perfectly. Unfortunately, it will not fit my aftermarket wheels at all as the holes containing the lugs are smaller. I am therefore trying to figure out what size the stock lugs are so I can buy an extension for the lug wrench. The 19 mm wrenches I have don't fit at all, so I'm assuming it's larger.

I have tried searching CTS-V specs to no avail. All I can find is the thread size (14 X 1.5).

Just trying to be extra-prepared because I have gone aftermarket. I may replace the lugs with longer ones so that this is a non-issue.

09-05-10, 03:32 PM
I'll be right back with the answer.

Edit. I bought this kit from griots garage. Works great with my impact wrench. The green one 4th from the left is the one I use.

It is 22mm.


09-05-10, 10:29 PM
Nice find, thank you!

09-05-10, 11:38 PM
22 mm is correct in metric size. A 7/8 in wrench in SAE will also work.

09-06-10, 12:52 AM
yep 7/8th