: p0300 ses flashing

09-03-10, 09:54 PM
I have 2000 DTS N* with 175k miles. My scenerio is p0300 with ses flashing. I cleared codes and problems returned almost immediately. I removed plugs and all looked good except #4 which was wet&black and it's gap was too big. Since I had all plugs out, I did compression test, all looked fine. I replaced plugs since they had been replaced way back at 95k. Same problem. I listened to fuel injectors, clicking sounds fine. I did not try swapping front and rear coil banks to see if problem jumps to rear bank. I am about to buy coil bank from Rockauto but I noticed cheapest Delphi one is more expensive for the right than left. Canít I just by the cheaper left one and install it on the right? I need the right (front)(grey) one. I thought they were the same. Does grey paint cost more? Also Rockauto sells it without the module and thatís even more expensive, whatís with that? Also how come I donít get p0304 or doesnít the computer know what cylinder is misfiring?

09-03-10, 10:11 PM
The onboard computer does not show which cylinder is misfiring. A Tech II does I believe. Go pick up an ignition cassette from a junk yard. Much cheaper and for the most part they are pretty reliable.

09-28-10, 10:13 PM
I got a tech II and it showed p0304 (#4 cyl misfire). Kind of sucks that the onboard codes only show p0300. The I swapped front and rear coil banks and then get p0305 (#5 cyl misfire) so I was then sure the front coil bank was bad. I did an online search for the delphi part# and it was on sale at amazon for $146. Installed it and she is running smooth again. Thanks for the help.