: 05 xlr radio center panel change from aluminum to wood?

09-03-10, 04:59 PM
I need to know how the push clips pop out without any damage to vynal.:banghead:is there a special tool?It is the center dvd radio and a/c control panel in the center of the car.

09-03-10, 09:19 PM
You need to remove the lower trim piece first. Drop the trim ring on the transmission shift knob and use an allen wrench to remove the knob from the shaft. Gently pry the trim plate up and out of the way of the center stack trim plate. The center stack trim plate removes easily by pulling it straight out. I use a set of plastic, non-marring trim tools to avoid any scratching. There are six clips (three to a side) holding it in. The CJ2 HVAC control unit's corners went from square to round in later models, so any replacement wood trim needs to match the CJ2 in your car unless you're replacing that as well.


09-04-10, 07:25 AM
Thanks Clarke I new I could rely on you to come thru for me. This is gonna look sweet!!!! I love this car!!!! since the code issue was fixed. the car has been great I can't stop driving it. gotta go V next I don't know what GM was thinking' by stopping production.I love the CTS coupe , but I'd still rather have the xlr. Thanks again!

09-04-10, 08:49 AM
The shift knob is actually held on with a T-15 screw, but a properly sized alan wrench will take it off too.
Be very careful not to scratch up anything while you are unhooking the wires off the bottom of the plate.

Also critical to remember is the console cupholder compartment lid MUST BE OPEN when you remove the plate.
If it isn't you will break the door or the mechanism. I have been seeing a few of these come through.