: Upper & Lower Sport Grill

09-03-10, 12:39 AM
Anyone got the GM# for these grills or a link? I searched through 18 pages and found nothing. The search feature is ridiculous at best.

Just traded my 08 CTS for a 10 SRX. Very satisfied so far. Got black on black w/lux pkg. Really didn't want another black vehicle but for a $1.76 more a month than what I was paying for my 08 I said what the hell. Since I got the 10 vs the 11, colors were limited. I really wanted that charcoal color...Oh well.

Thanks for the help.

09-03-10, 08:37 AM
I don't know what you mean by "Sport Grill", but if you're looking for the original GM parts for the 2010 SRX, you can go here:


I found this link in about 10 seconds by doing a Google search for "GM parts" and selected the first item in the search results. :)

Smokin' SRX
09-03-10, 09:10 AM
see EG classics, Billet, CariD.com, for grills! All good companies.

For pix of our members great grill upgrades see the "sticky-Post pix" on top of Thread subjects, right before you scroll down on main page. Nice pix!

Good luck w/ your beauty!


09-03-10, 11:32 AM
If you want any pics with the Chrome Mesh grille, i have many. If that's what you're looking for.

09-03-10, 11:51 AM
Cleaning bugs off that mesh must be fun. :)

09-03-10, 11:56 AM
Eh, a peanut sponge and a microfibre and they're gone! :D
The pressure washer always helps too!

Other car is a ?
09-03-10, 04:54 PM
Nice looking SRX, Captain

09-03-10, 05:07 PM
yes can i have some pics and where u got the grill from

09-03-10, 09:15 PM
My company is a distributor for these grills...write me at: acepilot66@earthlink.net and I can get you a price

09-03-10, 10:41 PM
yes can i have some pics and where u got the grill from

I got it from CarID's Ebay store.

This link shows some mods. (http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums/cadillac-srx-second-generation-forum-2010/194669-srxmods-very-pic-heavy.html?highlight=srx+mods)


09-03-10, 10:56 PM
I love the mesh grill but it is a bit expensive for me. My alternative is to have the black plastic portion of the original chromed.

I think I asked this question before, but thought I'd check again.

Can the original grille be disassembled so the plastic parts only are available for chroming? I could get that done for about $100-150.