: 22 inch wheels? BZO wheels

09-02-10, 01:31 PM
I recently bought 3 bzo hummer wheels which are 22x10 with tires ( 265-45-22), I was wondering if these tires would fit my vehicle properly and not vibrate while driving. I know I can order the extra wheel and tire from bzo and a couple other wholesalers.

I put them on my car yesterday, the tires on the back fit fine and do not rub anywhere on my car, the front ones though do rub when turning on the plastic wheel well covers. Can I either get a smaller tire , or How can I make this work. Does anyone know also If I will need a hubcentric ring on the rim because when I put them on they fit into the ring from the car but their still is a little space which needs to be filled. ( the rim hole is slightly bigger than the car ring. Please help! thanks in advance

09-14-10, 05:00 PM
I'm running a 235/30 22 on my STS with no problems at all. Ride is slightly rougher than factory but I don't really notice a difference from when I was running 20s. The 22s DEFINITELY fill up the wheel well better IMO, sacrifice a little ride quality for curb appeal ;). It sounds like these wheels came off a larger RWD vehicle, you need to check the offset on them and compare to STS specs. A hub spacer may work.

I had a 2000 mazda millennia way back when and when I bought my first set of 20s for it I had a similar problem. Back wheels mounted fine but the front ones wouldn't go. Ordered some spacers, problem solved