: Ordered a Mini-SPARE TIRE................

Smokin' SRX
09-01-10, 04:45 PM
Well, my fears got the better of me. My friends BMW, with 20" wheels also, bends a rim almost every year! I do travel in some pot-hole ridden areas and curbs can "jump" out in front of you at times, my wife tells me. LOL But seriously, I travel out of State a bit and the thought of being stranded w/o a rim/tire to be had for hours/days concerns me. Blowouts do happen..........

I ordered the kit with tire,rim,jack,mounting hardware. I have no clue as to if it will fit where the OEM Cargo Tray thingy is. The spare is apparently "standard equipment" in Canada, and on Government/Fleet/Rental cars in the USA also. So.........

My friendly Dealer wanted $360 plus tax but by asking, he gave me a discount so I'm paying $299 plus tax! They said it cannot be purchased w/o the "kit".


Smokin' SRX
09-01-10, 05:12 PM
Just was advised that an older (hard to find) very good thread is already on file!


Please see it for more details and great pix! Thx folks. Pls post further comments there :thumbsup:

I'm leaving this up only because many newbies don't seem to know it DOES NOT come w/ a Spare Tire!
"Some Dealers" aren't up to Lindsay Caddy 's specs!


Smokin' SRX
09-20-10, 10:09 AM
Thought some might like to see the mini-spare kit after it's installed. Had to remove the OEM cargo tray, drop in new container/tray for spare. Little bit of storage left for small Emerg road items. (Using my emerg Flashlite to prop up the lid for pix. OEM prop is still there but only holds up 80% of lid)

total cost was about $300 from dealer parts. They put tire on rim for me as a courtesy. Jack, wrench are included in kit.

I travel long distance, w/ a peaceful mind now......

09-21-10, 02:03 AM
Are those Fix a flat cans TPMS safe? ...

Smokin' SRX
09-21-10, 09:19 AM
Are those Fix a flat cans TPMS safe? ...

Hey this is me! :cool2: LOL

No, the little can is not and I have it for other/older cars/bikes of friends etc. But the bigger can IS made for tires with sensors. Can is clearly marked by manufact.

I can see someone is paying attention and watching my back :thumbsup:
Thx Captain.