View Full Version : Cruise control... it doesn't cruise!!!

09-01-10, 11:31 AM

So, after solving one problem, others seems to come!!:drool:

Since it was always trouble coded because of the V8-6-4, the cruise control never worked... Now that I solve the v8-6-4 thing, the cruise works fine:yup:... up to 80km/h (50 mph)... then it cuts out:(... so I looked for the code, and I get a code 62... Overspeed, maximum speed reached (I don't recall well, but it was something like that):annoyed:

So I looked in the manual, and it says that the cruise control will work up to 80mph... ans I should get that code unless I drive over 80mph...

so here is my question... why do I get this code?:banghead: where does it come from?:bomb:

09-01-10, 04:22 PM
There is a vehicle speed sensor on the back of the speedometer cluster, which tells the computer how fast you're going. It's probably defective and broadcasting the wrong signal. Also if you have really tiny tires, your vehicle speed will register faster than you are actually going, which will throw the VSS off.

09-02-10, 03:49 AM
correct, it could be the vehicle speed sensor... there is an optical wire at the rear of the speedometer cluster... maybe it is loose or inside the speedometer something is wrong...

then there is a speed control thing (dont know exactly) behind the wiper switch, maybe there is a loose?

for this i've to check out my manual exactly, thats a strange thing....

09-16-10, 07:24 AM
Thanks for your answers... I didn't have time to check that yet, since one of my rear break dismantled itself while I was driving... Mmmh, nice sound! So I ran after parts and redid my rear brakes! I finally got the car out today and noticed that my head lights don't work. I forgot about that! I wonder how I'm gonna go back home tonight... The joy of owning an old car has no equal;-)