: Can 17" Rims fit for 2008 CTS4 with Performance Package for Winter

09-01-10, 12:21 PM
Hi Everyone,

New to the group and will be picking up a used 2008 Black CTS4 Sedan with the performance package on it this Friday hopefully!!! I was wondering for winter rims can I get aways with 17" rims or will I have to use 18" since it has the upgraded brakes with the performance package? If you can let me know that would be great!


11-21-11, 10:51 PM
Seventeen inch rims will work fine, they are the base model size rims. Both rims have the same bolt pattern of 5x120 mm. I drive a 2010 CTS4 with 18x8.5 rims and I bought 17" Drag-37 rims with Michelin X-Ice XI2 winter tires from Discounttire.com. I saved $300 total going with the 17's. The Michelin X-Ice are also a great winter tire.