: Selling Caribbean Blue Luxury FWD

08-31-10, 09:54 PM
My wife and I bought our SRX as a family vehicle when we had 1 child, expecting another. We found out today we are having twins! I don't think 3 carseats will work well in the backseat of the SRX, so thinking I need to get something with a 3rd row. Anyway, it's a Lux Caribbean Blue FWD with 6744 miles. It has ebony/titanium interior and it's in excellent condition. Just wondering what I might expect to get for it from a private sale and if anyone had any ideas on the carseat situation. I don't want to sell it unless I have to, it's an awesome car.

08-31-10, 10:49 PM
I don't see a big problem with three carseats in the back, there seems to be a lot of room back there. Unless you have huge carseats, that and leaning over one all the time could be... annoying.

Smokin' SRX
08-31-10, 11:45 PM
Get a Buick Enclave! Car seats need more room than people do (buckles and all) and the SRX ain't full size. We traded an Enclave for the SRX and it had 2nd row buckets, 3rd row spacious bench. Oldest child can sit center 3rd row, 2 twins sit far enough apart in the buckets, for mom to walk thru or even sit, in 3rd row ! check it out.

PS.......................Still decent room behind 3rd row for groceries, some baby gear.

best wishes!


09-01-10, 09:44 AM
Your issue will be with you daily from hereon out! Congratulations to you and your better half.

I agree that three side-by-side car seats carefully selected for width may fit but can still cause a constant daily pain trying to buckle/unbuckle the seat belts. That being said, my daughter and son-in-law drive a Nissan Quest with the second row captain's chairs and the third row seats for 3. Yes, access to the third row with the second row buckets is there for the third child. But in your SRX with all three "inmates" right behind the driver (and/or) the front passenger......one of the adults in the front always has quick access to the kiddies with plenty of storage space remaining in the rear.

I might be first inclined to look into seat belt extenders that buckle right into the existing SRX seatbelt buckle so that the 3 side-by-side child seating arrangement is functionally quick, easy, and safe.

You may or may not get killed financially on a dealership trade-in the swap to a larger vehicle or one with a third row. Cadillac SRXs have traditionally been poor on trade-in value. Private party sale? Can't say in today's economy and the current automotive market. But the midsize SUV and crossover market sales, new and used, are among the stronger sales in the automotive industry right now. For example, the 2010 July month recently ended (versus prior year July) and the year to date 2010 versus YTD 2009..... reports state that the prices on used midsized SUV/crossovers are running 30% HIGHER than 2009. You might make out OK moving into a more practical solution for both your capacity and configuration needs.

As I have said in other threads, I have rented both the Acadia and the Tahoe (both larger) for extended trips of 2,500miles+ over 8-10 days and was pleasantly surprised with most things about these vehicles.

09-01-10, 12:46 PM
Thank you everyone for the advice. I am going to see how 3 carseats fit in the backseat, then proceed from there. I will put some feelers out on the selling front as well.

09-01-10, 01:07 PM
stryker........re seat belt extenders, here you go, about $20 each. You may have to cut and paste the link.


Child seats are another matter. The ones with a base where you can drop in an infant seat and then later just use it as a car seat when your children get older......these range in width for the base from about 16" to 18" depending on the seat. The 2010 SRX's second row seat is listed as having 54.7 inches of total hip room, about 2" less than the first generation SRX. If you do your homework when purchasing car seats for the twins you may be able to accomodate all 3 as long as you get the seat belt extenders.