: 2011 CTS V Wheel Questions

08-31-10, 09:13 PM
I am wanting to put some 20 or 22s on my new CTS V but im wondering if anyone can help me with offsets and fitments

09-02-10, 09:58 PM
Tire Rack Specs:
Front and Rear Optional Rear
Size:Size: 20x9 20x10.5
Offset: 57mm Offset: 64mm
Bolt Pattern: 5-120 Bolt Pattern: 5-120
Rec. Tire Size: 255/35-20 Rec. Tire Size: 285/30-20

09-02-10, 11:22 PM
I had 20x9 and 20x10.5 on my 09.
They were 360 Forged. You can contact D3, Wheel Executives, or Wheel Addicts for some very nice wheels. They are all vendors on this forum and can get the wheels for proper fitment.

Personally I think 21's look best on this car. Check out member WFO for pics of his 21's. My favorite V on this site!!


09-03-10, 07:35 AM
Check out the Thread entiltled "WFO's Photo Shoot". My wheels are 21" Modulare forged 10 spoke...very tasteful. All the specs are on the thread.

IMHO you gotta lower that ride, if you haven't already. Looks best lowerd on D3's.

Let us know what you decide. The send the pics.

09-03-10, 10:53 AM
Frankly, going 20+ wheel diameter scares me. Watching such shows as "Pimp my Ride" they report excessive vulnerability to road irregularities damaging the wheels. I must say thanks to President Obama and the Goverment's (be gentle with me:suspense:) infrastructure improvements. Iowa winters promote massive pot-hole growth. Our streets are getting a major overhaul that should ensure good driving surfaces for a decade or two. Maybe this justifies going with the great looks the large wheels present.