: passenger interior front door panel removal

08-31-10, 03:43 PM
I have a 91 brougham on a commercial chassis (hearse) and the lock on the passenger side front door doesn't seem to be hooked up to the lock knob. The only way I can lock/unlock the door is with the key. I can hear the auto lock mechanism in the door working, but the knob just moves up a little and then back down. How do I get the interior panel off the door without screwing it up. I've popped all the fasteners around the edge, removed the screws from the plastic bits around the seat belt retainers and the handle. But something in the center of the door still must be hidden, because I don't see anything more to "undo".
Thanks in advance,

08-31-10, 03:48 PM
On my 87, there are some screws under the "pull strap" that you pull to close the door. did you get those off yet?

08-31-10, 05:11 PM
You have the ones that outsider said and you have to take off the switch panel. Remove the cup behind the open handle and look up, you will see a little screw. There is another behind the light also. Then the switches kinda unclip. Disconnect the wires and now you have two more little screws and that's it. Hopefully I explained it good, maybe someone else can word it better if you need more help. But basicly, you have two behind the pull handle and two more behind the switch panel.

08-31-10, 08:37 PM
When I did mine, I had to remove the two screws securing the chrome bucket around the interior door handle. Then pop out the square courtesy lamp lens. With the lens and the bucket removed, I could disconnect the cigar lighter wiring harness and remove the courtesy lamp housing (I left it connected but removed it from the hole in the door trim).

With all that removed, you take out the two screws that secure the wood grain , switches, and ashtray piece. One is in square for the courtesy lamp and the other is in the slot for the door panel. The woodgrain has clips in the back (against the door panel) and I had tom use a small scree driver to get them to release. With the wood grain removed, there are two screws securing the chrome trim to the armrest. Then, as outside stated, there are two screws under the pull strap. With all that removed, and the push pins pulled out, the door panel should come off.

Unless you used the right GM specific tool, the push pins are probably still in the door. You need to get new ones; they should be sold at any major parts store. When you get replacement pins, cut the heads of the old ones off.