View Full Version : Looking to buy a 94-96 FB and sale a 90 Brough D'Elegance

08-30-10, 02:16 PM
Hi all. It has been quit some time since I have posted much, but thought I would throw this out there.

Been dying to own a 1994-1996 Fleetwood Brougham. I have about a dozen I am looking at around the country. Two options I really want are the chrome wheels and the indash cd player. Moonroof would be nice, but not as important. Also, color isn't a big factor, I like all the colors, but do have some favorites.
- I know I could purhase chrome rims later, but they are high. I found a set on ebay for @2,000. Also, cd player option in the stereo. I am sure I could find one and have installed or if all fails, install a trunk mounted one. So I am sort of open.

My question to those that own these wonderful cars...are there any things I should be questioning the seller or asking about or looking for on these to help in choosing one?

In that event, I would like to sale my 1990 Borugham D'Elegance. It has just over 53,xxx miles. It does have the 307, but runs well. The body on the car is overall in great shape, with only a few dings and scratches. The a/c was working, but I discovered that the nozzle under the cap to refill the system is leaking. Found this out when I went to refill it. Also, the cruise stopped working. From reading on this site, it most likely is the control module? in the dash behind the stereo that is the issue. I have another 90 Brougham that has a working cruise. If interested that car could go along for part. It did run, but believe the head gasket went out. It has the 350 engine in it. I bought it for a winter car and it has lots of miles and isn't the best shape, but has lots of good parts...front clip, wire wheel covers, dash pieces, headliner.