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08-28-10, 06:55 PM
My coupe failed it's annual test today :(

Fail 1) Passenger side park brake hardly working
Fail 2) Excessive play in rear wheel bearing.

About the bearing....
I have heard that the shaft can wear resulting in bearing play. I have also heard that there is a repair bearing available wider than the oem.
Does anyone know where to get these repair bearings?

08-28-10, 08:58 PM
Repair bearings are at best a temporary fix. If you are keeping the car, replace the axle. These cars use the axle as the inner race for the bearing, so the bearing wears on the axle. Take the drum off, and see if the axle moves up and down a lot. There will usually be rear end oil from a failed axle seal inside the brakes as well.

Dorman likely makes replacement axles. Check rockauto.com for availability and pricing.

08-29-10, 02:14 AM
I have removed the axle and there seem to be a little wear on the shaft. Less than half a millimeter I reckon.

08-29-10, 08:10 PM
Sometimes there is a lot of in and out play in the C clips. It might seem odd to a young tech. I don't remember ever seeing a rear axle bearing wear out with up and down play. I wouldn't replace anything unless I was how much play it really had. I guess if it ever ran out of oil then anything could happen. good luck.

08-29-10, 08:50 PM
Yes, is he measuring in and out play, or up and down? In and out is normal. Up and down is wear. Not really sure why this matters on an inspection, though. There is no danger with a little axle wear...

08-29-10, 10:28 PM
He grabbed the wheel at 6 o'clock and 'wiggled'. The passenger rear wheel was the only one with excessive play. I have measured the axle and the exact difference is 2 thou

08-30-10, 08:33 AM
.002 wouldn't be excessive. .250 would. If he was moving it in and out, he may have been concerned about the thickness of the C-clip retainer. There is usually plenty of lube there so this doesn't wear.