: Seat Covers???

08-27-10, 10:28 PM
Does anyone knows of some good seat covers?? Thanks

09-06-10, 09:46 PM
Bump, interested too

09-07-10, 12:45 AM
Your grandmother probably still has some of those clear plastic ones she had on the couch. Other than that you might try some 55 gal. garbage sacks. I haven't seen seat covers in a car in the last thirty years.

09-07-10, 08:34 AM
They still sell them in Pep Boys with the big bunnys on the back LOL

09-08-10, 12:16 PM
Autoanything.com has sheepskin seat covers for the STS. But $600.00 a pair is a bit steep....

09-08-10, 03:13 PM
Lol.. you'd need to get seat covers for your seat covers.

09-09-10, 05:21 PM
I can't imagine putting seat covers over seats in a caddy. A good leather shop can replace portions of the seat covers that are damaged. It's not cheap, but at the same time, I wouldn't say it's cost prohibitive. I had the just the center of the bottom seat cover replaced (the part that has the small ventilation holes). I believe it was $230. Of that, $130 was labor.