: CPO warranty or unlimited?

08-26-10, 10:03 PM
i was looking at some 2007 sts4 v8 and caddilac dealer offers cpo or they said if I prefer for the same price they can give unlimited years warranty for up to 100k miles. This unlimited warranty has 100$ deductible per visit.
What is better? Does one have experience with this unlimited warranty, does it cover the same as CPO?

08-27-10, 09:35 AM
The CPO gives you up to 100k with no deductible. Maybe I'm missing something but it seems to me this is a no-brainer.

08-27-10, 09:53 AM
Maybe I was not clear, by unlimited I mean unlimited years with 100k limit. CPO is usually 6 years/100k, so after you
hit 6years CPO finishes. The unlimited year warranty continues with 100$ deductible until you hit 100k miles.

08-27-10, 09:58 AM
Our '06 has been in for CPO covered repairs 6 or 7 times in the last year. That would be a lot out of pocket in just one year at $100 a pop. About to go in again to have the inside door handle replaced. You really need to look at the trade-offs between the unlimited years of coverage, deductible, types of covered repairs on the one plan , vs. the 3 year extension with no deductible on the CPO plan.

08-27-10, 10:45 AM
'CPO' is a GM managed extended warranty offering. I love mine.

The other option is probably a car insurance company (not GM). To really evaluate you'll need to read the fine print on their agreement. The 3rd party option may be intriguing if they cover things like battery, bulbs and the often present 'condensation-in-the-headlight-housing' (an $800 part plus labor). These are labor intensive 'repairs' are not covered in the CPO that might be enticing if you can manage to combine several items per $100 visit.

08-28-10, 04:32 PM
CPO's prior to April 2009 even included light bulbs & battery. It was a real new car bumper-to-bumper manufacturers warranty extension. IMHO, they are still better than any third-party warranty. I doubt the Unlimted/100k miles/$100 Ded Warranty will cover those and a lot more.

Figure CPO @ $1,000, maybe better. The sky is the limit with third party warranties. Dealers can play with sale price, trade-in, financing, discounts & warranty to make their profit. I'm not anti-profit; business is business and a fair profit is a good thing. But the more complicated the deal, the easier it is to hide what they are really making.

I'd suggest you negotiate price and once agreed on that, work on the warranty terms, and so on. My wife does a better job of this than me. She always gets them down another step. Remember, they make $0 without a sale and their floor-plan loan costs them plenty every month.

If you follow through with this dealer, tell us if the 'finance guy' really honored the deal the way the salemen explained it to you.

08-30-10, 02:57 PM
My car got the "old" CPO by just a hair (I bought it in April 09).

I have to say I have been delighted by the CPO (if not the service afforded by GM dealerships). There has never been any hassle, always get a loaner car etc (Loaner car would be something to ask about with the aftermarket warranty) .

Also, lets say you take it in to 'fix it' and they do something, but doesn't solve the problem, you have to take it back... Do you now have to pay 2 deductibles?

I've had this happen many times (dealer fix did not "fix" the problem). It's nice with the CPO to know you can just take it in and not worry about it.

I also have probably had many things fixed I wouldn't have worried about otherwise. For instance
interior door handle (chrome peeling)
start button (finish chipping)
HVAC control (finish chipping)
New stereo head-unit (always started at the beginning of a CD)
Various trim/weatherstripping imperfections


Along these lines does anyone know if the "old" CPO covered paint finish problems? My hood has developed a few small spots as if the clearcoat is bubbling.

08-30-10, 06:49 PM
He should not have to pay another deductible
If he has a good dealer he should only sell you one that they have dealer history with. A company they know historically had paid their claims and not questioned them too much
Thats what I did..it has worked out fine

If you don't drive a lot of miles then the dealer warranty maybe your best bet..if you drive more miles then the CPO is likely you best bet

If you can get an extra year of so of warranty with the dealer option then go for that


08-30-10, 09:02 PM
While I sell the Galaxy 1000 on here and am now the proud owner of a 2009 STS my "real" business is supplying auto,rv, and powersport dealers with Service Contracts, Compliance products, and other insurance related items for the finance department. My professional opinion is to run, don't walk but run away from that "unlimited" plan. It makes no sense for a reputable company to offer it, I would be very afraid of it. Go with the CPO if you can, it is far more secure for you.

08-30-10, 10:37 PM
CPO's prior to April 2009...what does that mean? I got my CPO in December 2008 on a 2006 STS. Manufacture date was September 4, 2006. Is my warranty better because I got it before April 2009. Should I take the car in before September 4th to get things done before the 4 yr 50,000 mile warranty>

08-30-10, 10:48 PM
they changed the terms of the CPO after april 09 - that does not affect you if you bought your CPO in april or before

09-03-10, 02:06 PM
Thanks for replies.
The "unlimited" plan somehow makes me suspicious and I think there is no loaner in it, they mentioned loaner for the CPO, but not "unlimited" plan.
Yes, I got reply from the dealer and they said that CPO exclusions include wear items like tires, brakes, rotors, batteries, belts etc, items which are under regular owner responsibilities, so this is the change after April 2009?. The CPO STS was Northstar v8 all wheel drive with no sunroof, but navigation, HUD. They ask 30k. I think this is too steep price, what do you think? It had if I rememve 20k+ miles on it.

09-03-10, 02:36 PM
i think most of the changes were interior trim stuff (and maybe exterior lamps too depending on the failure)

09-03-10, 09:19 PM
IMHO, a 2007 AWD 1SG (loaded) in outstanding condition can be found well under $30k. In this area, we are starting to see the 2008's coming off the 3-year lease for well less than that and 2010 demos for only a bit more.