: Window problems!!

Cadillac Luke
08-26-10, 09:36 PM
So ive been having problems with my 2000 STS driver side window!! It wont roll dwn. It makes a horrilbe noise putting power to the switch. I took the door panel off and did some inspecting and saw that the cable was TANGLED like no other inside the motor? What does this mean? Do i need a motor? PLEASE HELP

09-12-10, 06:49 PM
Probably not a motor. It will need a regulator, unless the cable is in good enough condition to restring over the pulleys. and the pulleys aren't broken, and you have enough patience.

I had the same problem. New regulator is over $500 from GM, and real hard to find from the usual sources. I find them on eb_y, but the quality isn't great. One guy sells "new" but they seem to last only about a year or so. He did warranty my first one, and I'm on that second one now, and have had to restring the cable twice now.
Not a real good bit of designing there...