: will a 94 water pump cover fit on a 95?

08-25-10, 07:13 PM
Just want to know if the water pump cover I took off my 94 STS will fit on my 95? Reason why I'm doing this is because my 95 Eldorado has a very slow drip of antifreeze where thermostat housing mounts to water pump cover. When I try to tighten the thermostat bolts, it feels like the bolts holes are about to be stripped. I don't think I'm able to properly torque down the 2 bolts. I had no antifreeze leaks from this 94 cover at all. Also, when I removed 94 cover, it looked like there was no O-Ring in cover. Look like someone used only black RTV. Should I get a new O-Ring or should I just use the black RTV?

08-26-10, 12:46 PM
It should fit. Get the proper O ring seal. Someone cheaped out and bandaided it with RTV.