View Full Version : Cad 500 exhaust manif

08-25-10, 03:00 AM
In general how much are a pair of good used regular exhaust manifs. worth?

08-25-10, 08:36 PM
If there eldo FWD manifolds they are worth alot more than RWD.. the fwd ones crack and are always in demand...there seams to be plenty of rwd ones... if you find someone who needs them you may get $25 each... I have seen on other boards guys give them away because lots of guys use headers...

08-27-10, 04:26 AM
Ok thanks, no these are not Eldo units, have a guy asking about these and some other parts....by the way, anyone know what the 500 crankshaft is made out of? By the parting line I know it isn't forged, is it regular cast or a nodular cast iron.....or?

08-30-10, 10:13 PM
There are two different 500 cranks... the early cranks with a number that ends in094 are worth more than the later ones...