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08-24-10, 09:09 PM
This is my 2000 DeVille. In the next month or so, I plan on getting some stuff touched up and I wanted to get some ideas/opinions/suggestions.

First off, I was planning to redo the top and make it black. Thoughts?
Secondly, I want to put black rims on it, not sure what size though.
Thirdly, I pretty much want to make everything black. Tint, lights, badges, etc.

What are your opinions on this? I think it would look nice. Anyone have any other suggestions?

Also, does anyone know where I can get the molding that goes underneath the steering wheel? Much appreciated.

08-31-10, 10:45 PM
Nothing? Come on guys. People talking about cleaning tires get more replies than me...really? Suggestions please.

09-01-10, 11:34 AM
this is a touchy subject. Suggestions are based on opinion and peoples opinions vary widely and may conflict with your ideas.

Instead of spending to redo the top, I would pay to UNDO the top. The car is a 2000+ deville, not a 96 fleetwood or an 80's cadillac. next id get rid of all the chrome and the mudflaps. I would also paint all the grey lower plastic trim to match the body paint.

Black rims would look good on that color if the style of rims went well with the lines of the car. However black lights emblems etc look best on a black car, NOT a burgundy car

09-01-10, 02:27 PM
^ I agree with all of the above.

If anything, I would debadge it all. And are those chrome pillars? Ick.

09-02-10, 11:46 AM
^ I agree with all of the above.

If anything, I would debadge it all. And are those chrome pillars? Ick.

Strange how two Cadillac owners separated by 52 years of age think alike.

09-12-10, 01:00 AM
Your top looks pretty clean, I'd keep that for sure. If it was my Deville, I'd delete the extra chrome, and have the bottom gray trim painted body color. Different wheels, maybe some from the newer DTS Performance. I don't know if too much black would look good with the burgundy, maybe try Photoshop if you're handy with it. But then, I like Cadillacs stock. My STS has window tint, and that's it.

09-30-10, 02:52 AM
If you like the luxury look leave it alone and just put some vogues and better wheels. The wheels it has now look like 96-98 Deville wheels. If you are going for the more sporty look you are going to delete all the added chrome, the top, mud flaps, paint the lower trim add 20s or 22s. Black lights tend to make alot of cars look cheap unless the car is black or has a sporty style. All in all to each his own this is your ride and only your opinion matters. Good luck with the upgrades.

10-24-10, 12:25 AM
Yeah definitely take all the chrome rocker panels off as well as the chrome on the pillars, wheel wells and mud flaps. Get some newer Deville blade style wheels and wrap them in some Vogues. If you want to go more aggressive put some 20's or 22's on it. I would leave the top alone if it were me and put that money towards painting the lower panel the same color as the rest of the car. But first things first rip all that chrome off! All that chrome makes it look cheap and cheesy. Caddy's dont look right with cheap accessories and thats exactly what stick on chrome is......

11-08-10, 06:56 PM
Make the whole car a nice rich black, put 20 inch black rims on it and tint all your lights and windows black !! (real dark tint !!)