View Full Version : Smoked Tail lamp Lens Legal??

08-24-10, 07:01 PM
I was along side and then behind an STS today. Car was black on black. His tail lamp lens, trunk mounted lens and backup lights were completely blacked out. Windows too. Is this legal? I couldn't tell when his brakes lights or turn signals were on. Looks dangerous during the day. Maybe it was one of our members. Romeo Plank Road and then Hall Road??? Car looked sharp with custom rims too.

08-24-10, 07:48 PM
Call me square, getting rear-ended would ruin my day. A traffic stop isn't much better.

If all I cared for was the appearance of my car, I'd go blackout, too. There are some sick pics on the forum. My STS is my daily driver. When I put my life in the hands of the driving public or risk the attentions of LEO's, I'll go for a ride in my Triumph.

08-24-10, 08:23 PM
There's a post somewhere on the forum where a member with blacked out tail lights wound up with a blacked out bank balance from paying the ticket. On top of that it's a violation of federal lighting and reflector standards.