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08-24-10, 03:07 AM
I have hidden rust I can not really get to easily with sand paper... how can I get rid of it? Sand blast it and then paint on some rust converter stuff?

I have rust hidden in between the layers of the hood and some on the INSIDE rear of the car :( I took off the inside rear panels and found some crazy stuff near the seams of the top and the rest of the body. The stuff on/ inbetween the seam I don't think even a sandblaster can get to.... what do I do?

Also I don't want to bondo any of it. I want to get leaded body solder if I can find it cheap.

Lastly I noticed most of the body seams on the inside of the car are coated in this (still) putty or tar like thick black substance. The places that this stuff is not has rust on it and some places it is rusted out from under it. Where can I get more of this and what is it called to seal it up after repairing the rust?

08-24-10, 07:54 AM
hmmm I'm not sure what it is called but you could get a rubberized undercoating or seal it with rust converter/POR-15 or whatever they're calling it now

08-24-10, 08:09 AM
"rust converter" is usually no more than phosphoric acid....

when the acid has eaten away the ferrous oxide (rust) whatever solid is left can be painted over with epoxy paint.

make sure the surface that has been treated is truly dry before painting.

08-24-10, 04:14 PM
I got something called Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver to try out as well as Jasco Prep & Primer

I cleaned off some of the rust bubbles and flakes and loose rust then tried to sand what I could but the surface is too uneven to sand. I painted it with the Jasco Prep & primer. That is why it looks the way it does. BUT what do I do about all the areas I can't reach into and sand?

More pix here http://tiny.cc/73Hearse


Also here is the black stuff I mentioned.

08-25-10, 05:46 AM
The factory uses seam sealer on the seams. That black stuff in your photo looks like roofing tar. I use naval jelly and epoxy primer on everything. I suppose if the area was really impossible to get to I would use the rust converter for the aerosol feature and then shoot some epoxy primer in there. Those are some ugly rust pictures you have there.

08-25-10, 07:46 AM
Does seam sealer harden or does it stay tacky? Also where do i get it? And would roofing tar be better for this much of an area?

08-25-10, 08:37 AM
Seam sealer gets harder than the roofing tar. The roofing tar is messy and stays messy, that's why I don't like it inside the trunk. I have been known to use it under the car though. The seam sealer can be bought at automotive stores. It smells strong so you need good ventilation.

I just checked your first post again and you are using this inside on the floor boards? and it's going over rusty areas? The seam sealer is quite expensive so this may not be a good application for it. In this case i guess I would use my naval jelly/epoxy primer/paint treatment. If that really is roofing tar it might be hard to clean off so rust under that could be hard to treat. I think it could be removed with enough patience but I'm not sure of the best plan of attack right now. That would take a couple beers and a doob.

08-25-10, 12:15 PM
it is where the top shell of the hearse meets the body of the car.