: Change in Caddy CPO?

08-23-10, 10:40 AM
Has anyone heard about a downgrade in what is covered on the CPO warrantee?

I've bought 3 caddys over 15yrs with CPO and never had a repair 'not covered' except for brakes/tires/wiper blades...obvious wear items. Today I got the call that half the stuff I put in was no longer covered in CPO- rear wiper arm, tailgate weatherstrip, & headrest. I am 100% sure this isn't right....the wiper arm was replaced on this car about 2yrs ago.

The service guy went on to list a bunch of stuff (hypothetically) that wasn't covered, a few of which I had replaced already on this car for free. He couldn't tell me why the stuff was not covered, but he said "about a year ago" the CPO changed. Which in theory shouldn't be applicable to a car purchased 3yrs ago.

Could this be due to the restructuring? I heard the gov't required them to honor previous warrantees?

Fortunately I'm having this problem at the end of the warrantee, not the beginning. Any info appreciated!


08-23-10, 01:14 PM
The changes in CPO only applies to newly purchased cars since the restructering. You should be okay. I bought my car 3 1/2 years ago myself.

08-23-10, 03:37 PM
UPDATE- Thanks for the input. I called Caddy corporate, who called my dealership and suddenly the sea parted and everything is covered again.

What really pisses me off is, you KNOW this has come up for other customers in the past 1+ year, and many of them probably paid this dealer for covered repairs. UFB!!!

Anyway, my problem is resolved.