: AC Accum Lines

08-23-10, 09:50 AM
First off, its been a while, how have you guys been?

So one of the lines coming off my ac accumulator that goes to the back of the compressor has been rubbing against my upper control arm, and now, as you can assume, is leaking.

So, I took that nut off that holds the 2 lines to the back of the compressor, but have been unable to seperate them.

Looking for some ideas. Yes, the system has no pressure currently, and yes its been soaking in kroil.

94 fleet

Thanks guys.

08-23-10, 01:00 PM
Yep, the line rubbing through on the control arm is very common on the LT1 cars. The fix is to take some heater hose, split it length wise, put the hose over the sharp edge of the control arm and hold it on with zip ties or hose clamps. Of course, this won't help until you get the old hoses off...

Ok, the nut is off. The hoses are together in one oval manifold. On the compressor side, there are two protrusions from that manifold that get flat O ring washers. Those protrusions go into the compressor. That stops the fitting from just popping off. On mine, I use a long pry bar to get a little leverage to push the fitting straight backwards and it came off with no problem. The hoses will not come off if you just hit them from the top, they have to go backwards. Since the hose is damaged anyways, you can just grab it and pull.

If you already have your replacement hoses, what I am talking about will be obvious.

I did my hose set without removing my alternator, but I have some seriously long skinny arms (I'm 6'7"). And, my arms were pretty torn up when I was done.

Make sure to put a little PAG oil in the new hoses before you bolt them up, and then get the system vacuumed before the fill.

08-23-10, 03:29 PM
Solid info, thats what I was figuring based on my past experiences, Im 6'5 also so I have to this point been working on it with the alt still in, I cant seem to get any leverage however. and no clearance for most of my pry bars.

See if I take the alt off, ill almost be forced to polish it.

What does getting the system vacummed ususally run?

what are the downsides of say, just filling it up? air pockets?

08-23-10, 06:24 PM
I got my system vacuumed at Valvoline Quick Lube for free. If there is no R-12 Refrigerant, they will just do it. Otherwise, probably looking at $50.

08-23-10, 11:23 PM

the reason for my anger

I removed a bunch of crap in the way, broke a large like #3 or higher flat blade screwdriver off in there... soaked in kroil, ended up breaking one of the lines off...

grrrrrr any more ideas? its starting to just get mangled.

the compressor is still in SOLID shape so i dont want to break it.

on a positve note, i managed to bypass my air pump while i was over there.