View Full Version : Help Help just rebuilt my 472 ....converting to hei problems...help :(

08-23-10, 12:32 AM
hi everyone, i have a 1969 coupe cadillac deville. i just rebuilt my 472 and i wanted to convert to hei ignition. the problem am having is the distributor wont fit due to a pipe mounted to the heads. the pipe links to an air pump which am guessing the heads are air cooled. have anyone ran into this problem?. can i eliminate he pipes n air pump and plug the heads? is there a specific hei distributor i can use that would give enough clearance from the pipe? thanks for your time. any help is appreciated :bouncy:

08-23-10, 04:12 PM
Unless you want to keep everything stock, what most guys do with these motors is plug the holes in the heads with plugs or dimes and get rid of the air pump...they get pullies off a 76 or 77-79 425 motor .... most of these did not have a air pump... some Cal. cars still had pumps....these pullies will give clearance so the belt don't rub on the distrubtor cap... all you have to get is the crank and waterpump pullies...nothing else will have to be changed, everything will line up.. And another thing to remember.. change the wire to the HEI... the one to the points distrubtor has a resistor in it that you don't need for the HEI distrubtor...

08-24-10, 02:07 AM
>> drmenard thanks for the help. by eliminating the air pump would the heads over heat? i tried eliminating the pump b4 on another 472 motor and plugged the holes with freezer plugs. after doing this , the engine would crank...start...choke/or struggle to stay on.. then shut off. :/ so a long story short...eliminating the air pump,will this harm the motor in any form?

08-24-10, 07:34 PM
The air pump , pumps air into the exhaust to help burn any unburned fuel.. It should make no difference in the the running of the motor.. but you will save a little power not running the pump...Don't know why you had trouble with that other motor....