: 59 caddy vin confusion

08-22-10, 08:52 AM
hi, i've looked on a few sites to find out abit more about my project, but i have 2 stories. the VIN is 59 J 092029.
59= year of manufacture
F = 2 door hard top coupe
092029 is my problem.
On one site it says if the last 2 digits are 29 its the base model, meaning my car was the 920th off the line near the start of the run.
On other sites it says the whole number is the production run meaning mine was the 92029th off the line, which is almost at the end of the run.
any help or info would be greatly appreciated. cheers jon

08-22-10, 09:31 AM

This site might help you. Their info has been accurate for me thus far.

08-22-10, 07:26 PM
"J" as indicated the first time around is a de Ville Coupe. The de Ville is not a base model.

"F" as indicated, the second time is a Series 62 Convertible. The 62 was Cadillac's base model.

08-22-10, 08:34 PM
Sven is right about the J and F. As to the broadcast number, the CLC states that 1959 broadcast numbers range from 000001 to 142272. Therefore, your car is the 92,028th 1959 Cadillac built.