: Help with suspension.

08-22-10, 08:08 AM
Ok, as i keep fixing i keep finding small annoying problems...

Last week i posted about a leak on the headers at the block, after taking to a good shop we came to found out that the problem was not between the headers/engine and yes between headers "Y" and the exhaust system... both sides were leaking, thats because of a crap job when the P.O. had the brilliant idea of going 2,5" and a single flowmaster for this "little" engine...

The headers or manifolds as you'd like were not very tight on the connection with the rest of the stuff... well problem solved now i went to find out about the grinding noise...

After disassembling the brake system, we noticed that the discs and pads are in good condition no grinding marks on those.

We then went to check bushings, ball joints, connections, sway bar etc, etc etc...

The help i need is:

Is there pre package set of front suspension bushings? i live in Brasil, and i need to bring the whole set at one time, and i have no idea on how to but individual items, like sway bar bushings, then a-arm upper bushings...

I need all front ball joints and all front suspension bushings, car is 30 years old and still have the original bushings, some of them are not even there.

Thanks again in advance.

08-22-10, 12:01 PM
High Energy makes urethane bushings kits for your car. The urethane will make your front end tighter. There will be a little less roll in the corners, and the bushings will wear better. Be aware that the locating hole in the lower control arm may be worn from the link stem wearing on the arm. You can have a shop fill it with weld and refit. If you leave it with an elongated locating hole, it will cut through the bushing and start the wear faster.
Your upper control arm bushings are very small. Cadillac did this starting with the 1977 downsizing to accomodate the engine in the frame and clearance of the exhaust manifolds. Problem: The bushings are very close to the manifolds and the heat dries out and wears the thin layer of rubber as it looses it's resiliency.
High Energy makes a kit for this also and the urethane is less affected by heat than the original rubber bushings. Because these bushings are so small, you shouldn't sense any difference in the handling except the corrected location of your caster / camber. If the P.O. had the alignment adjusted, you may have to have a readjustment after installation. It wouldn't hurt to check it anyway.
While your in this area, new springs and shocks may help your ride. I'm not going to suggest a manufacturer here, as you know how you want your ride to feel. If you want a soft "cushy" ride, look for springs rated close to the original. If you want a little stiffer ride, look for spings rated a little higher. You get the picture.

08-22-10, 08:21 PM
Hey Deville, thanls for the tips, but i think high energy dont have a whole kit for the 77-79, i will check it..

The problem with the springs, is that they are waaaay too heavy to be shipped.

08-22-10, 08:50 PM
With all the parts you need, you should just buy a plane ticket to the US, and then fly home with everything! :D

08-22-10, 08:57 PM
have it already, november 16th.

08-23-10, 07:15 PM
These guys used to advertise everywhere; can't beat the prices but don't know if they will ship to brasil.