: BLS Bluetooth

Peter Frankish
08-21-10, 06:48 AM
Please Help! I am new to Cadillac and have just purchased a 2007 BLS. I am enjoying the car immensely but would like to get the bluetooth installed, preferably the original that will use the steering wheel switches and the instrument panel display.
Does anyone know if this is possible and if sowhere i can get the parts.
I am in South Africa and the GM dealers are particularly unhelpful

01-28-11, 05:58 AM

I have the same problem!
I have a BLS Wagon with the big touchscreen nav.
The only thing that I am missing is the bluetooth handsfree.
If you have a solution for this problem, please let me know!
Here in Sweden the Cadillac dealers know NOTHING about the BLS!:(
Best regards