: Cargo Tie Downs - How do I remove?

08-19-10, 09:40 PM
I am trying to remove the cargo tie downs that are adjustable in the tracks in the rear. I can move them around, even slide them to the middle location, but can not get them to remove at that location.

I must be missing something very basic, as I can not figure this out... Read the manual, and still no luck...

Any advice?

08-20-10, 12:10 AM
Move then around to the middle cutout at the rear and while holding down the button on the tie down, pull it up. If they are like mine you will actually have to wiggle it back and forth to get it out the slot. Don't forget to keep pressing down on the button as you lift.

08-20-10, 05:25 AM
Thanks, that is what I've been trying... I'll keep pulling...

08-21-10, 11:57 PM
I had to install mine when I got my SRX as they were still in a sealed box sitting on top of the spare tire. Took a bit of wiggling to get them in and likewise to get them out.