: help What is missing here? 73 472 engine bay not 56k friendly

08-19-10, 05:02 PM
I know that the condenser is in the back of the car but the rest of the stuff never came with the car and is MIA. What am I missing and what is it called so I can slowly look for it? Think if it as the where is waldo thing but you don't know what waldo looks like :P A few things I know are missing or messed up I have below then the rest of the pix are at the bottom.

I know there are two bars that go near the front of the bay missing but I don't know the names.

Also the top metal sheet that covers the radiator and condenser is missing. Radiator fan shroud?

Also an air hose is missing I think. (red circle)

And the hood will only open if I constantly hold the hood pop latch (see seat belt ghetto rig pic)

Lastly Does anyone know the bolt size and thread type for the stock manifolds? And how much stuff do you have to remove or is there a secret to get a tool on them yesh :( I have the air tools I just need room.


08-19-10, 05:54 PM
Your missing the ac stuff, including the radiator looking thing that goes in front of the regular radiator. there is a vacuum line that goes to that heater valve to let coolant to the heater core. It comes from the passanger firewall and is probably just hanging somewhere. Your also missing the top of the radiator support with emissions sticker, 2 braces and a fan shroud. Someone should be able to post a pic but these items look very simular up to 92ish so any rwd caddy in those years will show what's needed.

08-19-10, 05:54 PM
- vacuum line to heater control valve
- rad support
- fan shroud
- AC hoses
- AC compressor belt
- two exhaust manifold bolts ;)

Last time I pulled a manifold, I used an impact with a combination of extensions and wobblers. Got to some bolts from the top, some from the bottom, and some through the wheel well. Don't know the thread pitch, but just take one out, and match it up. Get USA/Canadian made grade 8 bolts to replace.

To get that hood release to work, spray liberally with brake or carb cleaner. Lube with white spray grease, and work the mechanism repeatedly.

08-19-10, 06:34 PM
don't get me started on the manifold bolts! gaaaaa!

I had to pull my whole engine to get the manifolds off and drill out the old broken bolts...

I'm not sure on the length, but I do remember that the thread was just a standard coarse thread...

08-19-10, 07:05 PM
2 bolts are already broken off in the head and need to be drilled. I don't have a way to pull the engine... is there any other way?

The ac belts are gone because I got the shorter belts because all the ac equipment is missing and the radiator hose rubs the belt badly (so I guess something else is missing as well). Where is the heater control valve jayoldschool? Also I tried cleaning and relubing the latch. It opens fine if the hood pop is kept pulled.

Any part numbers or exact names to search for to find all this slowly.

08-19-10, 07:24 PM
To get broken bolts off without drilling, screw a nut on the broken bolt, weld it in place and unscrew. That assuming you have enough bolt to put a nut on. That's what I saw before. I believe the fan shroud has a spot that holds the radiator hose in place.

08-19-10, 07:32 PM
The heater control valve is the thing you circled in red in your first pic.

You won't know what to do with the broken bolts until you get the manifold off. Sometimes (happened to me on my SS), the bolt is actually broken above the surface of the head, so you can grab with vise grips and spin out. However, if you find the bolt broken below the surface of the head, you can use a reverse drill bit, an extractor (don't use an easy out), or, use Sam's method and hold a nut on the head and weld it to the broken bolt. MIG wire won't stick to the cast iron head.

08-19-10, 07:44 PM
ok then where does the vacuum line need to go from then :P I don't see any loose hoses there either.

As for the choices of broken bolt extractors it broke off inside the head not in the manifold part. (not to mention no welder here) I have a set of GraBits, AmPro Screw Extractor Set (smallest size is 7/64 if that is small enough), and black & decker screw extractor set (smallest is listed as 3/32 to 5/32 bolts) I guess the black and decker is the smallest so I can try to use that.

I still don't think I have enough room to get any of this down there let alone a power drill hrm. Can you tell I have broken a few bolts before? :P Old cars and their rust :(

08-19-10, 08:06 PM
So with the hood latch. You pull the handle and the hood pops up? You release the handle and the hood closes? Sounds like something, either in the latch/release mechanism or the hood is a little loose.

08-19-10, 08:27 PM
The hood pops up a little bit when I pull the handle but if I go out and try and lift it it is still locked down. Now if I use the seat belt like in the picture to hold the hood pop then I can lift the hood up. I tried stretching the spring out a bit to make it longer but nada.

08-19-10, 08:53 PM
with the top of the radiator support missing, is the spring contacting anything?

08-19-10, 09:12 PM
Yes it touches the metal bar that the hood latch is on like it is supposed to (right?)

08-19-10, 09:25 PM
as for the radiator hose rubbing on the belts...if i'm not mistaken there is a spot on the (missing) radiator fan shroud that holds the hose in place.
I could be mistaken though, it's been a while since I've looked.

08-19-10, 09:30 PM
Ok, so I checked out an old pic I had and circled what I was talking about...

note, this is on a 69 with the 472 so yours may be a little different but probably same idea.


08-19-10, 11:42 PM
The hood pops up a little bit when I pull the handle but if I go out and try and lift it it is still locked down. Now if I use the seat belt like in the picture to hold the hood pop then I can lift the hood up. I tried stretching the spring out a bit to make it longer but nada.

Maybe the release cable is stretched too far and need replaced.

08-19-10, 11:50 PM
When it is stretched to far it won't pop at all ever. (it is common on my other vehicle)

The 69 looks very different in the radiator area than mine hrm but if you look at the picture there is a bracket on the hose by the compressor.

08-20-10, 12:53 AM
How about stretching the spring out? Take it out and stretch it, maybe then.

08-20-10, 12:59 AM
read up that is up there as something i tried

08-20-10, 07:28 AM
yeah, that bracket is exactly what I was talking about. On my 69 it bolts onto the shroud.