: IPC Overides

09-09-04, 10:08 AM
I read a thread a while ago between you and another member about setting the IPC Overides. I have tried to post a couple threads about this and haven't been able to find anyone else who knows about it. I am desperately trying to set Option E and can't get the number I set (to the right where the trip display normally is) to stay permanently :confused: . What do you have to press after changing the number to set it. If I press the OFF or A/C buttons to escape, it goes back to the original setting of 43. I also was wondering if the figures you had listed for '96 are the same for '00. I am desperatley trying to change this and have tried to figure it out on my own in the meantime but just can't get it set. I would greatly appreciate yours or anyone elses help with this. Thank you.