: 1993 fleetwood brougham rwd gas mileage

08-19-10, 03:38 PM
we purchased a 1993 fwb a few weeks ago, had a major tuneup done. just took a trip from jefferson city tennessee(knoxville) to cleveland ohio. very impressed with mileage. 24.6 on the way there and 26.7 on the way home. averaged about 18 while driving while we were there. got over 500 miles per tankful. very satisfied. thanks. doug and vickie

08-19-10, 03:44 PM
Yeah, they get great mileage for such large cars. That's pretty close to what my wagon does. I get 18-20 around town and 24-27 on the highway too.

It's awesome. Large cars for the win. :thumbsup: Glad you're enjoying your new car. When did you find seatbelts?

08-19-10, 03:56 PM
Nice man! My 95 got 20 mpg on the road trip up home (about 400 miles) and that was with a heavy foot (doing no less than 80 the whole way)

08-19-10, 04:46 PM
I know theres a special thread for this but... I'm very happy that my Cadillac just averaged 15.6 miles per gallon, and there's a hole in the gas tank.

08-19-10, 05:57 PM
My recently acquired 92 Roadmaster Limited Sedan is getting 25-26 mpg on my long daily drive. My 79 Cad is a 15 mpg every time. :)

08-21-10, 10:27 AM
Who said B Bodies were gas guzzlers ? lol

08-29-10, 12:09 PM
a mechcanic friend was out getting parts for other cars. he found them for me. they work great. thanks for asking.