: It's Time To Say Goodbye.....

08-19-10, 01:26 PM
Hey guys. I'm hardly on the forum, but I've always peeked in once in a while. I got a 93 fleetwood blk on blk that i've had for 5 years. She was my dream car, and still is.

Unfortunately, I was in a few accidents this year, and now my once reliable-as-a-tank caddy is on her deathbed. I can't afford to fix her up and keep her as a daily driver. I have to say goodbye and sell her for whatever i can get.

both front and rear end are pretty bad, the interior is good, and engine and electronics work great. under 200k. beside the power steering going out on me, she's completely driveable.

What should I do? Put her up for sale? Or send her to the graveyard? I would like at least a grand for her. Can i get that?

Thanks in advance for the feedback....

08-19-10, 01:30 PM
Would need to see pictures before telling you what I personally would pay for it...but I can tell you that I would not pay a grand (or even close to a grand) for a car that's smashed up...not when there are nicer cars available in the 1 to 2 grand range.

Haven't seen Jim around the forums for a long while...but I'm sure with his planned move he might not be in the market for as many parts cars now.

08-19-10, 02:42 PM
500 at the most if the rear quarters are bad. But I would try to sell it whole if its running.

08-19-10, 04:02 PM
I've seen too many good Cadillacs in the junkyard. From what I've seem, the interior is left there rot in the elements why the vultures pick clean the body and engine. So if the body is no good for parts, and the engine will only go to one person, you might as well take it straight to the metal recyclers and sell it as steel.

But post some pictures, and see if we can give you a better perspective on the damage. It might not be as bad as you think and after some minor repairs. the car will good for sale, or perhaps reliable enough to resume it's task as daily driver. According to Kelly Blue Book, a '93 Fleetwood will sell for around $2,000 in fair condition.