: Why would smoke be filling the valve covers?

08-18-10, 04:56 PM
Still trying to solve this riddle. What would cause smoke to fill the heads of the engine?

08-18-10, 05:02 PM
Staggering amounts of combustion blowby or extreme oil vaporization from gross overfilling, assuming we're talking about the 1999 STS.

08-18-10, 11:09 PM
That can't be good.

08-19-10, 01:15 PM
I agree with Sub - based on your recent posts, it's probably blow-by

08-20-10, 11:44 PM
I thought so too. :-( Oh well. LOL. I think I decided I'm going to purchase another engine and start from a good base. Maybe I'll use this engine as a guinea pig for another project. Was a good learning experience anyways. Starting from square one. I just can't decide yet if I'll drive it to canada yet or not to have jake do the work. I would rather he do everything so I know its done right. I'm a bit afraid to move forward by myself as I really don't want to waste my money again. What should I do? Should I purchase another stud kit and do this engine? Also, I have been reading about the cometic MLS gaskets. I believe its the way I'd like to go. I don't want to pull this thing again though after its done. Also, should I not reuse the old stud kit from the other engine? What would be the best way to go from here? The best method I can maximise my dollar spent and at the same time get the best build I can get. I believe if the engine is in good condition it may be the way to go granted the compression readings are great. Valve job, head gaskets, reseal bottom end and good to go. . .right? Or should I take my chances with my current engine?

08-21-10, 12:31 PM
I may have history mixed up but...

If the HG's are leaking is it from some combustion gases leaking into the block?

Is the pcv clogged and not clearing the block. The pcv (positive crankcase ventilation) should suck some gases out of the block into the intake.

08-21-10, 01:37 PM
Pcv is in good shape. It is sucking. I'm not sure about the rest as to whether the hg is good or not. I just want to make the most economically feasible decision as to how to proceed. I'd rather not get into replacing valves or anything like that. Seems easier to find a good engine and swap. Do studs. Then hopefully this time I'll have a good engine. I hate to drive all the way up north bc my schedule is a bit chaotic but at least it would b done right. I don't think we will know what's wrong until tearing down the engine. Hopefully eventually I can do this. I did a block test and it tested good