: Transmission mount for a 66 Calais?

08-17-10, 11:31 PM
Hey Guys,

I need to replace the tranny mount on my 66 Calais (429/TH400) and it's ridiculously expensive!!!! Is there any way around spending $150 from the Caddy Daddy on eBay for his new poly mount or up to $200 getting my stock one refurbed?

A few places list the regular Energy Suspension RWD GM mount to fit it, but it doesn't look like that'll work without serious modification.

So, any ideas? Anyone got a good used one laying around? ;)

Thanks in advance!

08-18-10, 12:23 AM
I can't help, but welcome back...

What does it look like? Is it something that you could fab?

08-18-10, 03:17 AM
centre of page $89 with your core


or try page 55 of this document


much cheaper is

http://www.partstrain.com/store/?D=1966&Ntt=1966&Dx=mode+matchallpartial&Ntk=Main&PN=4294924554&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&N=0&Nty=1&VN=4294966895+4294966200+4294966241+4294967247+429 4963005&Nr=AND(universal:0)&props=Part:Motor+And+Transmission+Mount

and lookin good also is


I hope I have been of some assistance to you.....

Alby M.

08-18-10, 04:49 PM
Hey Jay, thanks. You knew I'd make it back eventually. ;) Looks... uh... different. :)

And Alby, thanks. I had seen all those. That 89 dollar one looks promising, but 4 weeks is a long wait. I'll have sold it by then, knowing me! ;) That's a very long term commitment for me!!! LOL!