: Is there an RPM limit under hard acceleration? 09 STS V8

08-17-10, 11:13 PM
Hi Guys-
I'm having a problem with my 09 STS V8 1SE that I can't seem to figure out. When I accelerate hard(like entering a highway) the engine seems to want to choke out(like there is a limiter or somthing). I really feel it from 1st to 2nd gear and sometimes from 2nd to 3rd. My car has never been over 85mph so I'm not concerned if it will top out at 100k but this seems wrong. My car went into the dealership for a routine oil change and service. I got the car back like this so naturally I brought it back to see if there was something wrong. First off let me say I really like the service I get at my Cad dealership and I'm not knocking them at all but I had to take the service guy for a ride because they could'nt replicate the problem I was having. He said that it was the rev limiter and that the computer (when it was in for previous service)most likely recived an upgrade and this is the result of that upgrade... Is this true???? Should I try another dealer? If it is I hate it and want my old settings back.I also don't want to do something that will void my warrentee. Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated.

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08-17-10, 11:36 PM
It is a fact that the system will not permit the engine to damage itself by operating past redline. It sounds like your spinning the tires and Traction Control is activating. My wife's 2007 with OEM rubber was far too sensitive. (It's feeling much better now.) :)

Do you get a 'TC Active' display on the DIC? What are your RPM's when it happens?