: CTS Logo Cutter & Buck Classic Jackets On Sale

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08-17-10, 07:34 PM
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CTS Logo Cutter & Buck Classic Jackets

Limited stock On Sale $99.50 (plus s&h)

In Our "Garage Sale" Section

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Normally $129.50. Men's Cutter & Buck Classic jacket, embroidered with the CTS logo. Navy & black jackets have silver embroidery. The British tan jackets have black embroidery. This jacket is 52% cotton with a 48% polyester taffeta shell. Mesh upper lining is 100% polyester, 100% nylon lower lining and sleeve lining. Wind and water resistant soft shell lined in breathable mesh in body, nylon in sleeves for layering ease. Articulated elbows and action-back design aid in freedom of movement. Snap cuffs, snap zip pockets, even a pocket for passport or cell phone. Left chest inside zipper pocket. At the back of the collar, CUTTER & BUCK pennant embroidery.

Remaining Stock:

Tan - 1 Large, 2 XL, 2 XXL
Navy - 3 Large, 2 XL, 1 XXL
Black - 1 XXL

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