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08-16-10, 06:54 AM
My dealer is not able to get my driver seat heater (seat cushion) fixed, as he says he needs to replace the whole seat-cover (leather part) which includes the heater. I tried to get some information on the web and according to gmparts giants this seems to be right - and - the part not available.
Does anybody know an alternative source for this heated seat cover (my leather color is cashmere), as I could not find anything on e--y.

08-17-10, 10:53 PM
It might be worth checking with an auto-recycler. Another option may be a custom upholstry shop.

How many miles on your car?
Is your current seat flawless?

08-18-10, 06:47 AM
Thanks for your reply. So far I could't find that part at a recycling-lot. My car has around 46 k miles and the seat looks good for that age. Iwouldn't call it factory new but absolutely ok for that milage.

11-21-10, 04:13 AM
Just wanted to tell everybode about the good end of the story of my seat heater: After getting the message of my dealer and several internet-dealers that the part is officially discontinued, I contacted Cadillac Europe and asked for help (not understanding that a part for a 5 year old car can be discontinued). It took some weeks and some emails - always very friendly and customer oriented from Cadillac Europe and Chevrolet UK - before I received the message, that the part is available again. My local dealer ordered and installed it. Right before winter gets really cold here in Austria. So thats a good end of a story and I was really pleased by the efforts taken by Cadillac Europe. So thanks to all the guys from Cadillac Europe and Chevrolet UK!!

11-21-10, 09:34 AM
Odd not sure about this generation but on the prior model STS the seat heaters where very unreliable. Either they have improved to the point that a new one is rare (???????) hard to believe or this is just an oversight.