: Dash Cluster 2000 seville

08-16-10, 01:18 AM
Ok i know that its been talked about before but i cant bring anything up and i remmber some where not sure if it was a plug and play or if it had to go in for programing
but i found out that the SES light its not burned out someone actualy yanked the bulb from it and well its not somethign that can be replaced

so im ithere gona send it in and get it repaired wich is like 250 to 350 the shop told me depending on how bad and if anyting els is bad on it

and i can pick a used one up on ebay for like 35 or at the bone yard for like 75
but i remember once before talking about this and no one new for sure weather it was a plug and play cluster or do i have to take it to be programed i don't care about the Milage being off on the replacment cluster but will the car run or do i have to take it to a shop with a tech to and have them program all the pro codes into it ?