View Full Version : Deville will not turn off after started!

08-15-10, 04:48 PM

So I recently replaced a battery on my 01 deville and a day after my security light came on. I did not think too much of it and then today I went to go somewhere and came home and the freakin car would not turn off. I had to pull the 38 fuse to get it to turn off, so

Should I reset the computer ecm and if so where the heck do I do that at as I can't seem to find it.......

08-16-10, 05:14 PM
There is no "reset" for the PCM which is located in the air filter box. Something else
is going on. Did you just post concerning Theft Lock or ignition switches ??

Use the sticky thread at the top of the main Deville Forums page - "How to pull codes". Read the entire post, practice, write down any codes, and return to the post to open a link to definitions of any Diagnostic Trouble Codes found there is "obd2" in the URL, and you click on the blue links in the master Index box for code definitions. Codes will look like PxxxxC, BxxxxH, etc.