: 81 v864 368 burns oil out of exhaust - overhaul??

08-14-10, 04:23 AM
hi cadillac friends

i've a problem

my 81 cad has about 200.000 km on it (dont know if it is correct, could be 300.000 km)

this summer i'm driving my cad for every trip to city, highway and so on...

everytime i start engine it burns oil out of exhaust (blue smoke) then it is minimal, but when i accerlate from stop with more throttle i see blue smoke in rear mirror again... and i've to fill 1 litre oil every 1000 - 2000 km into the engine...

then i recognized that on the passenger side at the front of the engine comes little smog out of the exhaust header gasket (i think its the gasket)

now i would like to ask you what the problem could be (valve steam gasket, head gasket)

car drives for me with normal power (but i dont know how it feels with new engine^^) doesn't consumts cooler water and it seems to be ok.... but i've always click click click click but valve lifters are new - but this could be one solenoid it is only on passenger side loud...

what should i do? how can i find out what i've to do new for oil consumption???

or is it better to get engine out and overhaul it completely?

thanks for your ideas and helps :)


08-14-10, 11:38 AM
From your descriptions, I believe your problem to be worn exhaust valve guides/stems. When you let the engine set or idle oil works down the guides and accumulates when you start your engine or accellerate the cylinder draws the oil down the stem and burns off the oil emanating that cloud of blue smoke. An exchange of heads or a valve job is in your future.